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Reliable EMG & EEG Test

Count on Dr. Lyndon Forbes Barnwell of Total Neurology of the Gulf Coast, PA in Lake Jackson, Texas, for a streamlined EMG test as well as safe and painless EEG test services. He is known for his exceptional bedside manner and gives a thorough and accurate diagnosis of your condition. Dr. Barnwell will explain the treatment plan he wishes to conduct. Place your trust in his integrity that he will discover the real cause of the disorder and design effective solutions to address it. For your convenience, he accepts these health insurance providers: 

• Aetna™ • Medicare™ • Blue Cross™

• All Major Providers

EMG & EEG Testing

Before your tests, you will be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff. During your EMG testing, Dr. Barnwell conducts a nerve study as well as administrates the brain wave and functioning in his EEG testing service. He can identify if there are any epilepsy disorders.

Contact Dr. Barnwell today in Lake Jackson, Texas, to take advantage of his ground-breaking EMG and EEG test services.